March 15, 2006

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Spring is just around the corner...or so they tell me!  While we had a rather mild winter in WNY, February was a KILLER and March doesn't seem to be thawing any either.  I woke up today to temperatures in the single digits!  Brrr.  Good day to read a book!


We had some interest in last week's Preview, "Character Keys to a Bright Future" so I moved it over to the side bar in case you didn't purchase it last week, but would like to now. 

Happy Reading!



Character Keys to a Bright Future
By Judith Ciccone, Laura Manson, and Francine Larson

Character Keys to a Bright Future consists of dynamic short stories. Some of these stories are based on true events that happened to teenagers. They deal with peer pressure and bullying in a non-preachy way. The book also has workbook activities that give students an opportunity to clarify their own values and upon completion, a sense of accomplishment. Interesting activities with built-in reading and writing practice. Targeted for 14-17 years.


This unique, write-in workbook defines and examines positive character traits and also reinforces thinking, reading and writing skills.
It has a section on each of the following:  Tolerance, Self Respect, Compassion, Self Control, Respect for the Elderly, Good Judgment, Respect for Others, Honesty, Good Manners and Responsibility.
Here are 4 important reasons why you will find this workbook worth the $10.95 investment:
  • This workbook is self instructing. The reader can progress at his or her own pace .
  • The stories are based are real events and are very relevant to teenagers' lives.  The friendly writing style is written from the heart.
  • There are interesting activities with built-in reading and writing practice .  The questions will keep the reader fully involved.
  • The workbook will give teenagers an opportunity to clarify their own values and hopefully guide them toward better conduct and a bright future.

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This is a wonderful workbook that I wish I had when I was homeschooling my teenagers.  The stories used are thought-provoking and believable.  I highly recommend this for parents of middle-school age children.  It will give them a foundation on which to build their life as they face many life-changing choices.

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The Do It Yourself Cloth Diapering Handbook
By Sarah Zmuda
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Description: Cloth diapering today is nothing like it was years ago.  All of the changes, new options and variety can confuse just about anyone.  “The Do It Yourself Cloth Diapering Handbook” comes to the rescue as a comprehensive, but easy to understand, introduction to cloth diapering today.  Even those experienced with cloth diapers will benefit from the amount of information provided in this fantastic guide, it is something you can refer back to again and again throughout your journey with cloth diapers!

Learn about:

  • The Diaper Debate
  • Diaper Services
  • Starting Out, What You'll Need
  • Cloth Diapers Today - What's available, pro's, con's and more
  • The Selection of Diaper Covers
  • Diapering Supplies
  • Making your own diaper wipes, solutions, powders, treatments
  • Buying & Selling Cloth Diapers
  • Diapering on the go
  • Diaper Rash 101
  • Diapering Basics
  • Diaper Storage
  • Laundering Cloth Diapers
  • Flatfold Folding Techniques
  • Prefold Folding Techniques
  • Night Time Diapering & Folding
  • Additional Sources
  • Much more!

Simple questions follow each chapter to help you design your own diapering system, or you can use the space to write your own notes, findings, techniques, etc.  Take this book with you wherever you go so you have your reference with you should you have any questions.  The binding on this book allows for it to lie flat while the book is open, and also allows the book to be folded in half and lie flat which is very helpful for learning how to fold diapers. 

The revised edition features revised and expanded chapters, new chapters, new full-color photos, new folding techniques, updated format, title and info printed directly on the binding for an easy find on the bookshelf, and MORE!


Patti's Two-Cents

If you are a mother who wants to use cloth diapers (or know one who does), I highly recommend this book.  The quality of this book is excellent and the example photos are clear and crisp.  This gives you a variety of resources regarding cloth diapering at your finger tips.  It would make an excellent baby shower gift!

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*Book Bargains & Preview Rating is based on Five Stars.  We give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

You can purchase this book for $19.99 by clicking here.  Shipping is included.

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