June 14, 2006

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Welcome to Book Bargains & Previews!

This week I'm back to reviewing some women's titles which are definitely worth reading.  The first preview is of a fiction title Crossroads by Nancy Moser.  I read this book in 2 days; I just loved it.  Read my review below.  Be sure to check out the sidebar for other great titles or visit our online bookstore at www.pcpublications.org.

Happy Reading!


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By Nancy Moser

Award-winning author Nancy Moser brings readers a fresh new contemporary novel. Nancy's ability to create memorable characters whose lives are seamlessly woven together shines in Crossroads. Weaver, Kansas, is dying--and Madeline Weaver is determined to do whatever it takes to save it. Her solution: buy up the entire town and hold a contest to give away the land piece by piece, giving Madeline full control of who lives there. But once these modern pioneers accept the offer and populate the town, their lives intersect in ways completely out of Madeline's control. Suddenly Madeline is faced with secrets she has kept buried for years. This story of guilt, redemption, and renewed hope is sure to grip readers' hearts and leave them changed.

Back Cover Copy
“I’m the last Weaver standing and I will not go down without a fight!”

Madeline Weaver is putting everything on the line. Her hometown is dying, and she will stop at nothing to save it. Using her fortune to buy up the town’s land, she holds a national contest to give away the property, piece by piece. As modern-day pioneers apply for a place in Madeline’s hyper-controlled world, she chooses only those who spark her interest and seem suited to her own designs.

There’s an egotistical banker from Manhattan, a Jewish retired couple from Phoenix, a hometown boy turned cop, and a family from Arkansas running away from grief. In spite of Madeline’s best efforts, the lives of these new residents quickly weave together in ways completely out of her control.

Now faced with long-buried secrets, Madeline finds herself at the ultimate crossroads, where she must make the most difficult decision of her life. . . .



This was, by far, the best work of fiction that I've read in quite some time.  Crossroads was an intriguing novel giving insight into the inner- workings of folks from every background imaginable.  I loved the series Sister Circle, which was co-authored by Nancy Moser, but I have to say I liked this book even more.  I hope she makes it a series!

I highly recommend this book to be read, THEN SHARED!

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Got Teens?7 Simple Steps to a Healthier You
By Dawn Hall

Creator of the popular Busy People’s Cookbooks (more than 750,000 copies sold) and author of Comfort Food for Your Soul Dawn Hall offers inspiration, guidance, and sure–fire, simple steps for people on the go who are ready to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Simple chapters guide readers on a journey to physical, emotional, and spiritual fitness. Dawn provides firsthand advice for handling weight issues, hectic schedules, unhealthy behaviors, and the hurdle of excuses as she shares

  • why healthy living starts with a simple choice
  • choosing the best food and exercise plan
  • meal plans and recipes to be successful

    For many, this will be the book that ultimately turns their desire for change into a changed life.


  • Patti's

    With all the extreme diet literature out there, this book is refreshing.  It gives very sensible advice on how to change your life in small ways that will improve your healthy.  And while it's main focus is our eating patterns, it also deals with other aspects of a healthy life.

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    Got Teens?
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    This unique, write-in workbook defines and examines positive character traits and also reinforces thinking, reading and writing skills. It has a section on each of the following:  Tolerance, Self Respect, Compassion, Self Control, Respect for the Elderly, Good Judgment, Respect for Others, Honesty, Good Manners and Responsibility.

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