January 18, 2006

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Today I am Previewing a World War II historical trilogy by Annie Laura Smith written for kids in the middle school.  I think these books are a great value...priced at only $6.99 each and make good read for the entire family. I'm even giving a special on these today.  You can purchase all three books in the series for one low price of  $19.99...with FREE Shipping!  Check them out below!


If you like a book and are going to purchase it, I would appreciate you purchasing it from us.  While we don't discount the price, shipping is FREE, and I'm sure you will see that usually that makes up for any discount you would get elsewhere.  Your purchases help us to keep Book Bargains & Previews coming to you FREE each week!


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Celebrate Simply
Balance That Works
By Susie Larson

For many Christian women, life seems out of control. The conflicting demands and various pulls on their time seem irreconcilable. Prepare healthy meals, exercise, rest, study and pray, serve, keep the household running, and even manage a career.... How can a woman possibly balance all the demands of a twenty–first–century Christian lifestyle?

Hearts at Home speaker Susie Larson offers women this encouraging and inspiring invitation to effectively respond and adjust to the opportunities and assignments God gives them. By examining their core beliefs, their unique personalities, and God’s will for their lives, readers will learn how to make choices that create a natural flow and rhythm that they can live with as they develop physical and spiritual health.

Patti's 2 Cents:

I think author Susie Larson is just wonderful!  I met Susie at a Hearts-at-Home conference in Illinois a few years ago and her work just captivated me.  This book won't disappoint you! 

As one who struggles with doing too much, I found "Balance that Works" a useful tool in getting a handle on my chaos of life. So many books like this require the reader to follow complicated rules, bringing even more demands. This book offered reasonable suggestions that help create a balanced outlook on both the spiritual and the physical. From hearing God's voice to embarking on a healthy lifestyle, Larson's book maps a plan that anyone can work with. A must-have for those seeking balance in an unbalanced world.

You can purchase this book for $6.99/each or the set for $12.99 with FREE Shipping by clicking here.

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A Christmas Dozen

Great advice on home management, time management, and how to control your paper clutter.


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Balance That Works
Offering women encouragement and an inspiring invitation t

Got kid clutter? Help them organize!

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Being a Girl Who Loves


A great book for girls and women of any age.


Retail Price:  $11.99

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