January 10, 2006

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Welcome to our latest issue of....
Book Bargains & Previews!


I've been busy reading over vacation and I found some really good books for you to check out!  I know that sometimes I only give a description of the books, but one of my New Year's Resolutions is to give you my "2 Cents", a short review of what I thought of the book.


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Happy Reading!



Organized Kidz
E-Z Solutions for
Clutter Free Living

By Debbie & David Williams
Retail: $14.95
FREE Shipping


Got kid clutter?  Does it always seem that "organization" means YOU clean and THEY destroy?  It can appear that getting yourself and your kids organized and keeping things that way is Mission Impossible.  Not so!

Organizing strategist and mom, Debbie Williams, teaches you how you and your kids can get excited about getting organized.  You'll learn quick and fun steps getting your children to help with organization and upkeep of their rooms and other rooms in the house. Keeping things neat and tidy will soon feel like a game that both you and your kids will enjoy.  During the course of this book, you'll discover:

· how to become an AWESOME Organizer in    
  four easy steps

· five steps to discovering more hours in your

· how to establish a creative and inviting space
  for your children using learning styles, the
  psychology of color, paper management and
  so much more!

When you teach your kids creative organizing solutions to contain their clutter and involve them in the organizing process, you'll be thrilled at their eagerness to keep things clean and in place.

Patti's 2 Cents:

I've offered Debbie's books on Book Bargains before and you, the readers, have loved them.  This book won't disappoint you.  If you are looking for an easy way to help you kids be better organized, this book is worth having. 

You can purchase this book for $14.95 with FREE Shipping by clicking here.

If you'd like the ebook, so you can print out as many forms as you need, it costs $10.95 and you can purchase using our Special Order Form

Being a Girl Who Loves
By Shannon Kubiak Primicerio
Retail: $11.99
FREE Shipping


What do you love? Is it pizza or downloadable ring tones? What about your family or best friends? Do you love God? How can you love all of them? First John 4:8 tells us that God is love. That means you are not truly able to love without first being filled with God. We were designed to selflessly love and be loved, yet we’ve made it into something other than what God created it to be. Love is about self-sacrifice and nurture, giving and taking, needing and being needed. When we stop thinking about ourselves and start thinking about how others feel, we’ll be able to figure out what we can do for them.

What can you do for someone else today? Selflessness is the kind of love that will grab the world with force and change it—and you can be the one to start it. Show the world that you are a Christian by loving as Jesus loves

Patti's 2 Cents:

While this book is a great book for your young teen girl, it is also a great read for women, too.  With  only 170 pages, it is an easy read.  Each chapter is a good length for small group study or daily individual reading.

I found many important reminders that are relevant in my own life and I think "Being a Girl Who Loves" is worthwhile reading for anyone who is serious about making the choice to fulfill Jesus' command.

You can purchase this book for $11.99 with FREE Shipping by clicking here.

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A Christmas Dozen

Great advice on home management, time management, and how to control your paper clutter.


Retail Price:  $9.99


Celebrate Simply
Balance That Works
Offering women encouragement and an inspiring invitation to effectively respond and adjust to the opportunities and assignments God gives them.

Retail:  $12.99

FREE Shipping

      When a Woman Discovers Her Dream

21 Steps to a
Great Life

21  straightforward steps that you can begin to take today to have a great life.


Retail Price:  $12.99

FREE Shipping