February 8, 2006

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Today's book is a great read for men, women, and young adults (including teens!) I just read this and was so impressed with it I had to share it with you here...and I found it at a great price!


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BOOK PREVIEWSYour Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential

Your Best Life Now
By Joel Osteen
Retail:  $19.99
CBD Price:  $9.99

Do you often dream of living a more rewarding life?  Do you aspire to a better job, a stronger marriage, a happier home?  Do you wish for  more gratifying relationships with your family and friends?  Perhaps you simply want to accomplish more and leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

If you are like most people, you have written these goals and dreams on a list that's titled "Tomorrow's To Do."  You can't pursue what's truly important to you because your day is crowded by the demands of mundane routines and other people's priorities.

How do you break out and experience the full potential that God intended you to have?  The answer lies in a simple yet profound process to change the way you think about your life and help you accomplish what's truly important.  In this straightforward guide, Joel Osteen gives you a way to improve your life for good and help you experience victory, joy, and satisfaction every day!

Your journey to a brighter future begins with these seven steps:

  • Enlarge your vision

  • Develop a healthy self-image

  • Discover the Power of your thoughts & words

  • Let go of the past

  • Find strength through adversity

  • Live to give

  • Choose to be happy

In this remarkable book, Joel Osteen offers you unique insights and encouragement that will help you overcome every obstacle you may encounter.

Your live has a divine purpose and destiny.  As you put the principles found in these pages to work today, you will begin living YOUR BEST LIFE NOW!

Patti's Two-Cents

By now you've probably figured out that I'm not going to preview a book that I don't like.  I get many books sent to me for a review, but I usually choose the ones that I think are exceptional.  This book, in my opinion, is extraordinary. 

I found Your Best Life Now to be inspirational and extremely motivating to living your life with a more positive outlook.  It encouraged and uplifted my spirit, creating in me a longing to live out my dreams in the here and now and not to let negative thoughts and a past hurts keep me from God's best.

If you purchase this book, you won't be disappointed.  I even found it at a great price for you!  CBD has it for 50% off!  Just make sure you use our links to make the purchase!


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You can purchase this book for $9.99 at CBD by clicking here.

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