April 5, 2006

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Welcome to Book Bargains & Previews!

Today we are have two good reviews for you.  These books are awesome!  Remember to check out the sidebar for other great titles that were previously reviewed on Book Bargains.

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Second Calling
By Dale Hanson Bourke
Retail: $18.99

CBD Price:  $13.99

In the quiet of your soul, you can hear it.  Not the shouts of advertisers telling you to hold on to your youth, but something far deeper, more subtle.  It's a whisper of "something new."  A gentle voice that seems to say, "Ahh, now that I have your attention..."


Take a long, fresh look at yourself, and you'll discover that you are softer, gentler, wiser, and more calm than you have ever been.  Now combine that developing maturity with spiritual passion, and then you'll know:  You are about to experience something bigger than you ever imagined in the first half of your life.

If you are wondering if the best of life has already passed you by, Second Calling will prepare you for the adventure of your lifetime. In it author Dale Hanson Bourke contends that midlife is a time for spiritual rebirth and urges women to find new passion and purpose by developing their spiritual life. She urges women to live in the present, leave the past behind, develop a prayer life, spend time with friends, and pass on their wisdom to younger women.



All I can say is WOW!  This book is a refreshing look at the opportunities that mid-life brings to today's women.  I buzzed through it in a week's time and came away encouraged about the adventure life will bring the second half of life. 

I turned 44 today and this book came at the perfect time as I've been thinking what twists and turns my life will take now that my kids are nearly grown.

Since this book is a bit pricey and I can't give it to you at a better price from my own store, I'm giving you a link to CBD where you can get the book for 26% off the retail price.  Click here to purchase.  Please use the link so Book Bargains gets credit for the sale.

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Parenting the Heart of Your Child

Nice Girls Don't Change the World
By Lynne Hybles

Margaret Mead said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.” My version of that quote is: “Never doubt that a community of thoughtful, committed women, filled with the power and love of God, using gifts they have identified and developed, and pursuing passions planted in them by God—never doubt that these women can change the world.” — Lynne Hybels

Nice Girls are taught early that serving God means earning Gods love and sacrificing oneself to meet the needs of others. Unfortunately, after living a life she thought was what God demanded, her husband wanted, her kids needed, and her church expected, Lynne Hybels felt utterly lost—both to herself and to God. In this wise and tender book, Hybels tells of her struggle to stop living someone else's life and to reclaim the unique gifts, strengths, and passions God gave her. And she reveals how turning away from her false view of God as a harsh and demanding taskmaster enabled her to rest at last in God's sustaining love. As she explains, it's never too late to discover that who you really are is exactly what delights God and what the world needs.

Purchase for  $14.99  from the Equality Depot, which is the store of Christians for Biblical Equality.  Your purchase from this store will help support CBE, which is a non-profit organization comprised of individual and church members from over 80 denominations who believe that the Bible, properly interpreted, teaches the fundamental equality of men and women of all ethnicities and all economic classes, based on the teachings of scripture as reflected in Galatians 3:28: "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus."


Patti's Two-Cents

This is a small book that I read through in an evening.  It chronicles the life of Lynne Hybels, who, with her husband Bill, started Willow Creek Community Church in Illinois.  Though she was busy in ministry and family life through the years, she found herself weary and depressed.  After looking within, she came to the conclusion that she had spent her life serving God and people in ways she wasn't gifted for.

This book is how she turned her life around and began serving in her area of giftedness and how that changed her life. 

This book was a quick, but good read, making you think of your own life and why you might be missing out on some joy.

I am asking you to purchase this book from Christians for Biblical Equality (CBE), because I'd like to offer them the support of my readership.  Each purchase will help support this great ministry that promotes equality in the church.

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*Book Bargains & Preview Rating is based on Five Stars.  We give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

You can purchase this book for $14.99 by clicking here.  Shipping is included.

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